Manchester Beerfest 2020

Manchester Beer Festival 2020

We are off to the beer festival if this train ever gets there. It just keeps stopping.
Right we are here now. Free entry as we are camra members and £3 deposit on the glass.

Straight to Tiny Rebel, you cant go wrong there, unless you go for a sour as your first drink. Salted caramel stay puft for me and rhubarb and custard sour for Dave. He wasn’t impressed, he did like it but said it wasn’t right as his first drink but would have liked it more if had had it later on. I thought it tasted like those sweets we used to get with a bit of a sour kick. I liked it.

We will go for some random ones next. A chocolate fudge brownie and a rocky mountain stout.
Quick drink them we need to try something else. Ooh Bad kitty beer. Well what else does brass castle brewery have? Misfit and Jack-in-Irons.

Right lets sit down and enjoy these while we decide what to have next.
Dave is off for more beer. Cant wait to see what he comes back with. I’ve not decided what I want yet, trying not to have the ones I’ve had before, need to be a bit adventurous. Do I go with gingerbread stout or chocolate liqueur stout? Oh well we will find out soon.
Dave is back with snacks and Donkey stone hoppinsesh
Sorry if you don’t know me by now. Obviously the gingerbread wins. Gingerbread always wins. It smells soo good. Ohh I like this. It does not taste like beer but very Christmassy and gingerbready. It is not thick like the normal dark beers i have but it is spicy and sweet like a ginger wine. It is a nice refreshing change.
Well the snacks have gone, wasabi peanuts, wasabi peas and chilli rice crackers and so has Dave’s beer and he is off on a mission to hunt out something interesting….
Tiny Rebel is a bit busy, but to be expected. The rest of the place is still quite calm at 5.34pm on a Thursday.
Oh Dave is back and he has got.. Steel City Brewing , hop manifesto.
I headed over to the Hophusrt brewery. I tried the sticky toffee milk stout but didnt like it. I went for the irish cream porter and it tastes just like baileys.

I think I’m lagging behind now as he is off again. What will he return with this time?
He came back with chocolate brownie but not the one i had because it was actually nice but tasted of pretend chocolate.

I’ve been on a mission, I came back with two beer and indian snacks. I got Dave some fruit lupe from Brass Castle brewrey. There was a cask and a keg. I asked which was nicest. I was told to try them both. The first was sweet passion fruit juice the second was hoppy passion fruit so I got that one. I got myself some cherry tonkoko its cherry and coconut stout in aged oak barrels it tastes like whiskey. The Indian snacks look like dog biscuits and taste like cinnamon. Dave was a bit dubious to try them at first but they were ok.
I cant drink my drink, Dave will have to drink it while i go for another one. Well im back and he still hasnt drunk it. The bar staff was very nice trying to help me ind a dark beer. I tried a snowball, chocolate coconut stout. It was nice but couldn’t drink too much. A white stout, ot wasn’t really my thing but glad i tried it. I ended up with a Belgium cherry style beer from brass castle. Oh and i think i found out what Dave’s brownie beer was.
My Belgium beer does not taste like cherry but does have the distinct Belgium style taste. Just makes me miss Belgium to be honest.
Dave is off to Moorhouses brewery to get some Ice Witch. He likes white witch so suggested he tried it. Its a bit too much like a hoppy pale for me but we will see what he thinks.
I’m loving this beer festival as there are so many more dark beers that normal, this maybe because we usually come Friday night or Saturday and a lot have sold put by then. Dave thinks the Ice Witch is quite nice.
We are only having one more now then we are going home for tea. Think we need to finish how we started with some Tiny Rebel.
Well that was an expensive round. Dave got half of tropical and 2 boxes to take home. I went and got half of stay puft salted caramel and 2 boxes to take home. Oh well we can carry on wgile we wait for tea.
One more for Dave. Tiny Rebel, Disco Disco. Hr prefers tropical bit it is nice.

Well its Friday and we are back at the beer festival. Straight to Tiny Rebel, obviously. Salted caramel stay puft for me but Dave tried some ….. shake.
We are being a bit more cultured today we have been to wild beer co for some fruit beer tasting, then to Theakstons for a barrel making demo. An our in and we haven’t even spent our tokens we got when we came in for being camra members.
The old peculiar sample given at the barrel demo was so different. Never had it straight from wood before but you could tell.
Off to the beer frim wood section to try one. Dave opts for some imperial stout while i just sample a goosberry one.
Off to Thornbridge to try the Cloudy lemonade beer i couldnt get anyone to serve me yesterday. I don’t like it. I will try all the dark ones. Dont like the porter its really hoppy, the imperial stout is ok but the normal creamy stout is better. I will have that.
Dave has gone for some sleck dust from great newsome brewery from east riding. He said he should have gone for the one next to it as it had a better name. Its a bit wishy washy so he wont be having that again.
Im going to try something new again this time it is York chocolate stout. After i tried lucid dreams, a cookie cream porter which i didn’t like much and Synthesis, a raspberry chocolate stout which was nice but probably couldn’t drink much.
Dave decided his was ok at the beginning but not by the end so has gone for somerhing new. Wanderer, looks horrible but does say naturally hazy, he didnt read that bit. Tastse quite nice though. Smells really nice and even i likr this one. It had lemongrass in but noy at all bitter or hoppy.
Dave now has some Rivington, Cloud eyes. All theirs are a bit cloudy as thet ate vegan friendly. He likes it.
I walked up anf doen thr coast to coast bar anf nothing really jumped out at me. I defaulted to one i know i like. Saltaire, triple choc.
We are going home soon as we are off to the running show tomorrow. See we dont just always drink. Told Dave he only has 1 more drink so he is off to Tiny Rebel. Tiny Rebel was too busy, cant get anywhere near so he went for Belgium on the next bar. Looks a lot like my triple choc one but guess it tastes nothing like. My triple choc was not as nice as normal. A viy watery.
We decided to have one more last beer so off to donkeystone. One javanilla and a ferris mueller. Dave said ‘well i wont have that again, but i probably will when i forget. My javanilla was not as much vanilla as last time as mostly coffee.


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