When we were booking our holiday for 2016 we decided we would go to Bulgaria. We had been put off before as didn’t really fancy a clubbing holiday at Sunny Beach. I looked into it a bit more and found a place called Nessabar about 3k from the heart of Sunny Beach, so hopefully shut more peaceful. The problem arrose when we actually tried to book it. We were planning on going late in September for 2 weeks. Well erm no. You can fly to Bulgaria in the 3rd week in September but you can’t get back. Oh well we will think again about that one.

For 2017 we decided to go on holiday the 2nd week in June ensuring we could get and back for a 2 week holiday. We picked a hotel with a good location not too far from the crossing to the old town but reasonably priced. We booked it and that was it, we were going to Bulgaria.

The journey didn’t have the best of starts, we checked in to find our flight had been re-sceduled for an hour later and we hadn’t been told. This gave us time to have some much and a drink and chill for a bit as we were already tired after our early morning swim session. When we were at the gate we were delayed even longer. Eventually we were allowed to board the plane but then, the news, we couldn’t take off as their was an incident in the terminal. It was evacuated while we sat on the plane waitng to leave, other planes were diverted to the other terminal and passengers descended onto the tarmac evacuating the terminal blocking our exit.

Eventually we made it, we got to the hotel quite late but were pleasantly surprised to be given a packed lunch each (1 ham sandwich, 1 cheese sandwich, a croissant, an apple,  a bottle of water and a carton of orange juice) when we checked in. We were not expectinWe g much from the hotel as was quite cheap or the country for that matter. When we given a key to a suite we had been upgraded to we were shocked. The room was lovely, nice sitting area, a corner balcony overlooking the pool to one side and sea to the other and a large bedroom with giant bed.

We were pleasantly surprised by the value for money at the hotel. Great rooms,lovely looking lobby and bar and nice pool area with a bar and fast food. The pool is very cold but the indoor pool isn’t as bad, the Jacuzzi didn’t work and the indoor area was quite dark but quiet so could relax in there. There was even a fresh bar that served freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes and smoothie. I think with it only being the start of the season this wasn’t advertised well not was there a list of what was on offer. Overall pleased with the hotel but the excursions offered by the tour operator where extremely expensive and seemed over priced for this country.

Tuesday was Dave’s birthday and he decided he wanted to go out for lunch. After breakfast we set off for a walk to Sunny Beach, when we got there we kept walking and walking. After 2 and a half hours we realised we were a long way from where we wanted to eat so we headed back. We found where we wanted to eat and sat down and order a pint of beer each priced at 1lev (47p). It was much needed after over 3 hours of walking and went down quickly. We decided it wasn’t the best beer so ordered the other draught beer but that was also the same price, but much nicer. Food was good. I had half chicken and chips and Dave had chicken kebab. The bill came to about £10, which was very reasonable for the amount of food and 4 pints. We finished much and walked back to the hotel, via the wine shop to same some wines and of course buy some. 5.60lev for a litre of wine and it was nice. We got back to the room to find, to our surprise a birthday cake, along with plates and forks. It looked lovely.

For tea we decided to go out for a meal in Old Nessebar. On our previous visits we had seen many restaurants and bars. We first walked over to d Nessebar one morning after breakfast it was very pretty. We even found the ‘Eco Bar’ bit it was too early to open so we would come back one night for that. We had a look on trip advisor and found a restaurant that sounded nice but expensive. Well it was a special occasion so we went. The food was lovely and the total bill including 2 courses, a bottle of wine and bottle of water came to 75lev (£34). We enjoyed the meal and decided another night we would visit a restaurant in new Nessebar.

We again looked on trip advisor and found the number 1 restaurant was not far from our hotel and the reviews were great and looked like it would be cheaper. It was Friday, we decided to walk into Sunny Beach to go on the ‘choo choo’ train for a bit. (The one outside the hotel stops before Sunny Beach and starts at the entrance to the old town) After the train ride I wanted to come home on the water taxis. We had to wait an hour for it to leave as the grumpy old boat man wouldn’t set off till it was full. It was a nice ride back to Nessebar old town. We then decided to take a walk round the outside of the Island before returning to the hotel to get some food from the pool bar, as we missed lunch waiting for the water taxis to set off. We sat and had a few drinks in the bar while I checked trip advisor again. I got worried when I read reviews from the previous couple of days mentioning booking in advance and one saying the tour operator sent them. We had our doubts and also thought with it being a Friday we would be lucky to get in. We went anyway with plan B in mind. We got there and sure enough was about 10 people stood outside already waiting. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long but it was well worth the wait. We had a pint of local beer, I had a Belgium beer, a bottle of water between us and 2 courses. Cheesy mushrooms and piping hot baked feta were really good. The mains were just as good and the bill came and it was 42lev (£19). We just came back to our apartment to chill with a few drinks afterwards.

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