2020 planning

After a very quiet few months I was in the process of trying to make some plans for next year most of them involved short tri events or trail runs.

During this time I have also been thinking what can I do with my website and my free time. The main thing I thought was should I keep this site going and in what way. I have decided I will still be taking the photos at events when I am supporting and hopefully there will be extra sets from manda. I hope to incorperate amandas adventure pages into the site so we can share all our information. This will result in a more rounded set of information on the website along with my writeups about my training, racing, and research of events.

There are not many events planned in the diary yet due to injury making me keep putting them back but things are looking good for me starting training soon. It was only going over on my ankle before the start of xc event. For some reason I decided to still run the event, this resulted in my ankle swelling over the next months every time I tried a steady run.

2020 events

I have entered a couple of events but these will be increasing over the comming months. I will still be sticking with my 10k, half runs or short Triathlons up to standard distance.

  • Run – langset half
  • Tri – standard castle Chantilly

I also plan on doing the rest of north west sunday xc series and the West Cheshire xc.

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